Residential parking zones

The rules on residential streets are there to:

  • Manage parking pressures
  • Provide easier access for residents to park closer to home

No parking except residents of this block No parking except with permit

Who can park at resident only and resident permit parking zones

Under Section 23 of the Street and Traffic By-law 2849 (935 KB), resident permit parking (RPP) and resident parking only (RPO) zones are for:

  • Vehicles owned by residents who live in a specific area of Vancouver (ICBC insurance must match the address.)
  • Residents who live in a permit zone (There are no exceptions.)
  • Car share vehicles (for example, EVO and Modo)
  • Vehicles that displays a valid SPARC disability placard (These vehicles may park for no longer than 3 hours.)
  • Vehicles that displays a valid commercial vehicle decal and have paid for parking using the PayByPhone app

You must live in the permit zone to purchase a residential parking permit.

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The Residential Parking Only (RPO) program ended in 2010, and we no longer install signage or adjust existing signs.