Parking when there is signage

Find out the rules for parking on streets and lanes when there is signage.

Did you know

Not all commercial lanes are marked with signs.

Know the rules to avoid a ticket.

Commercial loading zones and lanes

Signage for parking regulations

Accessible parking rules

Find out how to park legally at accessible parking meters and in designated disabled parking zones in Vancouver.

Commercial loading zones and lanes

Know the regulations for commercial loading zones and lanes, including the rules both commercial and non-commercial vehicles must follow.

Loading and passenger zones

Find out about the rules on using a loading zone or passenger zone in Vancouver.

Meter parking

Find out the rules on parking at meters and on-street pay stations in Vancouver.


Find motorcycle and scooter parking in Vancouver. Review the rules and learn how much it costs to park your motorcycle and scooter.

No stopping and no parking zones

Find out the difference between parking and stopping, and what "no parking" signs and "no stopping" signs mean in Vancouver.

School zones

Find out the rules on school zone parking, including temporary no parking and no stopping zones, in Vancouver.

Time-limit zones

Find out about parking time-limit zones in Vancouver.

Tour bus parking and zones

Get the rules for tour bus parking, including the by-law, and details on tour bus loading and parking zones.

Food and app-based delivery drivers (723.71 KB)

View the guide on where delivery driver vehicles can and cannot be stopping or parking.

Street & Traffic Bylaw

Regulates traffic, the use of streets, and the size and weight of vehicles that are permitted to travel on City of Vancouver streets.

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Parking when there is no signage

Find out the rules for parking on unsigned streets and lanes, including corner clearance, driveway and garage clearance, and angle parking.

Report a broken meter

Do not park at a broken parking meter. You will get a ticket.

Report a broken meter online and:

  • Provide the 6-digit meter number located on the side of the meter 
  • If you lose money in the broken meter, a time credit of up to $2 worth of parking may be available by calling 3-1-1