Councillor Jean Swanson

Councillor Jean Swanson

Councillor Jean Swanson was elected to City Council in 2018. She ran with COPE (The Coalition of Progressive Electors) on a platform of working for: 

  • A rent freeze, meaning no annual allowable rent increase for four-years and implementing vacancy control so that landlords can’t raise rents as much as they like when a tenant leaves or is forced out
  • Building modular housing for every counted homeless person, which can be fully funded by a Mansion Tax in one year
  • Building more social, co-op, and city-owned rental housing for people earning under $50,000 per year, subsidized by subsequent years’ Mansion Tax revenue
  • Free transit with a U-Pass for the Working Class, where residents with low-income would get free transit combined with free access to community and recreation centres, while residents earning between the poverty line and median income would get the same U-Pass for $41 a month, causing about 40,000 cars to be taken off the road
  • A real Sanctuary City where no one is reported to border security and City staff are trained to ensure that all can receive city services without regard to immigration status
  • Clean, safe, and free drugs and culturally appropriate treatment on demand to stop the opioid crisis
  • Reducing the police budget and putting that money into services for low-income and criminalized people

Councillor Swanson has worked to get governments to reduce and end poverty for about 40 years, for which she was awarded the Order of Canada in 2017. She’s author of the book Poor Bashing: the politics of exclusion. For the last 12 years she volunteered at the Carnegie Community Action Project working for more and better housing, higher welfare rates, and stopping gentrification in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

In August 2018 Councillor Swanson spent four days in jail for blocking access to the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

Contact Councillor Jean Swanson

3rd Floor, City Hall
453 West 12th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5Y 1V4

Phone: 604-873-7243

Annual financial disclosure statement

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