How we build and renovate

Focus of this plan

  • Reducing carbon pollution from burning natural gas in buildings
  • Reducing carbon pollution from heating and hot water
  • Building with lower carbon materials and practices 

How we build and renovate our buildings represents much more than the biggest source of carbon pollution in Vancouver.

Decisions around the design, construction, and renovation of our buildings shape how healthy, affordable, resilient, and comfortable the spaces are where we live and work. They also influence the livelihoods of the designers, architects, local trades, and their supply chains that build, maintain, and upgrade our buildings.

What this all means

As we shift to more climate friendly buildings in Vancouver, here are a few on things you’ll notice:

  • A thriving local renovation economy, with attractive employment opportunities for HVAC technicians, plumbers, insulators, and other skilled trades
  • Additional resources and incentives to help with low-carbon renovations
  • Improved indoor air quality in renovated buildings, which is better for your health especially during smoke events
  • Buildings that are cooler in the summer and more comfortable in the winter as heat pumps provide year-round conditioned air in all building types

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