Water meters and utility billing

Water meters for new single and two-family homes

All new single and two-family homes must have water consumption meter installed. Water meters will help us meet our Greenest City 2020 goal to reduce how much water we all consume.

Use less, pay less

With a water meter, you only pay for the water you use. By using and wasting less water, you help conserve our drinking water supply so our region doesn't have to:

  • Enlarge our existing water-reservoir dams, costing money and impacting our wild spaces
  • Find new water sources

Did you know a leaky toilet can waste 750 L of water per day, a cost of $270 per year? Water meters help identify leaks to fix, saving you and the City money.

How water meters are read

Water meter data is wirelessly collected from reading devices mounted to vehicles every billing cycle.

How water rates are calculated

Water rates are calculated so that an average water user pays the current flat rate or less. If you use water efficiently, you'll see savings right away.

How you are billed

You'll receive a water bill every four months. The amount includes:

  • A basic charge to cover costs of billing, meter maintenance, and future meter replacement
  • A consumption charge based on the amount of water used during the four-month period

Understanding your bill

Water and sewer bill

Having trouble understanding your bill? Find an explanation of your utility meter bill.

Paying your utility bill

The City offers you four ways to pay your utility bill:

  • Online
  • By mail
  • City Hall's mail slot
  • In person

Learn more about the ways to pay your utility bill.

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Water meter maintenance

City of Vancouver water meters are monitored regularly to ensure the recorded information is accurate.

All meters for large volume customers and fire lines are maintained annually.

All other compound meters are maintained every three years.

Review high water consumption

Running faucet

If you notice your water consumption is drastically higher than normal, we can review your high consumption to find out if there is an underground leak.

Review high consumption