Review high water usage

Is your water consumption on your utility bill a lot higher than normal?

  1. Check to see if there any plumbing problems that can cause high water usage, such as:
    1. Running toilets, dripping faucets, and so on.
    2. If there has been a change in tenancy use, for example, a new tenant may be using more water than a previous tenant.
  2. If you can't find the cause for high usage, complete our online form to request a review by a water inspector. When completing the form, have this information ready:
    1. Property address
    2. Utility account number
    3. Brief explanation of your request
    4. Property owner’s name and phone number
    5. Contact name and phone number, if it's different from the owner

What to expect from our review

We may ask for copies of receipts used to repair the leak (like plumbing bills or materials).

Our water inspector will contact you to discuss your claim.

If we find that the leak is an underground leak that's causing your high water usage, you may be eligible for a bill adjustment after repairing the leak.

If the Meter Shop staff visits your property to conduct an investigation, there may be a $109 site visit fee. This fee will be billed as a service charge on your next utility bill.

Any adjustment will only be made for the period between two weeks after the first meter billing date on which the meter bill indicates an unusual increase in water consumption, to a maximum adjustment period of 6 months.

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