Find supportive and assisted housing for seniors

Council actively encourages the development of supportive, assisted living, and affordable rental housing for seniors throughout Vancouver.

However, City staff do not manage these facilities, or oversee their rental processes.

How to find supportive or assisted housing

If you are a senior looking for help finding a home – or you are helping a senior find housing – please contact the Seniors Services Society.

The Seniors Services Society is a not-for-profit organization that ensures that all older adults are supported, adequately housed, and valued in a healthy community.

They maintain the Seniors Housing Directory of BC, which is a complete listing of available housing for seniors around the province.

Search the Seniors Housing Directory of BC

The entire Seniors Housing Directory is available online.

You can generate a list of seniors housing buildings based on two criteria that you select: area, and type of housing.

Contact Seniors Services Society for help

If you have trouble accessing the online directory, you can contact the Seniors Services Society directly for further help.

Housing Vancouver strategy

Our new 10-year strategy will address housing affordability and the supply of 72,000 homes that our residents need.

Seniors Services Society contact information

For help finding supportive or assisted housing for seniors throughout Vancouver, contact the Seniors Services Society.


750 Carnarvon Street
New Westminster, BC, V3M 1E7