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Remarkable Women from previous years

Since its debut in 2008, the Remarkable Women poster series has honoured local women who have made significant contributions to arts, culture, sports, and community in Vancouver.

Discover the annual themes and celebrate these amazing women, present and past, for the difference they've made in our lives.

Ilana LabowIlana Labow

Ilana Labow founded Fresh Roots Urban Farm Society as a way to transform the ways in which urbanites interact with the land, their food, and their neighbours. She believes that simple daily choices around food have the power to remind us of our rights and responsibilities as global citizens

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Debra GeorgeDebra George

Debra George is a passionate, strong food educator in the Tsleil-Waututh community. The food she cooks and the stories and teachings she hands out with it nourish the body, the heart, and the soul of the Tsleil-Waututh nation.

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Jill WeissJill Weiss

Jill Weiss has worked all her life to conserve green space in Vancouver and to make it accessible to everyone, regardless of age and ability. Her gardens send out roots and tendrils that connect the citizens of Vancouver with each other, and with the land that feeds and houses them.

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Joyce RockJoyce Rock

In the company of almost thirty other Downtown Eastside residents, Joyce Rock co-founded the Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House and co-founded the Downtown Eastside Kitchen Tables Project in partnership with Potluck Café Society. She believes that community development is the natural home for the disenfranchised.

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Margo MurhpyMargo Murphy

Margo Murphy has educated thousands of young people about food and nutrition. Her culinary arts program at Templeton High School explodes the boundaries of the conventional Prep Training curriculum by inviting famous chefs into the school and sending students out of it to first class work experience placements.

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Maricela Medina EspinozaMaricela Medina Espinoza

Through her volunteer work in many Vancouver community programs, Maricela Medina Espinoza has helped build healthy lifestyles and robust communities for Latin American people. Programs she has volunteered at include Cocina Latina at Britannia Community Services Centre and the multicultural meals at Kinbrace Community Society.

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Meeru DhalwalaMeeru Dhalwala

Meeru Dhalwala is the co-owner of three of the finest Indian restaurants in the world and the author of two cookbooks. Committed to improving her businesses’ environmental footprints, she sits on the board of directors for Vancouver Farmers Markets and organizes an annual international food fair called Joy of Feeding.

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Mohinder SidhuMohinder Sidhu

Mohinder Sidhu is an advocate, educator, and leader in the Sunset/South Hill Community – the Indo-Canadian hub of Vancouver. She leads several Indian cooking classes at the Sunset and Trout Lake Community Centres, serves on the South Vancouver Seniors’ Hub Council, coordinates the South Asian Women’s group, and conducts a weekly Healthy Living Club.

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Shirldene ReynoldsShirldene Reynolds

Whether it’s soup for 500 or hot dogs for micro-footie, Shirldene Reynolds is a can-do cook and an inspiration in the Britannia community. She is program cook and volunteer gardener for Britannia Services Centre Out of School Care Program, which provides a safe secure environment for around 45 young people whose parents work after school hours.

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Jerilyn (Jeri) Sparrow, SulseemiahJerilyn (Jeri) Sparrow, Sulseemiah

Jerilyn (Jeri) Sparrow, Sulseemiah, spent her early childhood on the Musqueam Reserve where she learned traditional knowledge about the healing properties of plants. She went on to study many alternative healing practices and has also served as a Native Outreach Worker in the Cedar Cottage area, where she organized the Traditional Pow-Wow for many years.

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Squamish Nation womenAndrea Jacobs, Ida Baker Hasler, and Katie Mathias

Andrea Jacobs, Ida Baker Hasler, and Katie Mathias are just a few of the women who come to mind when the Squamish Nation community requires a meal or feast. Whether it’s a traditional event for a family in their home or a meeting to discuss Squamish Nation business, the women of Squamish turn up to cook – always with health and tradition in mind.

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Stephanie LimStephanie Lim

Stephanie has been involved in community food work for many years, most recently as the Renfrew Collingwood Food Security Institute coordinator. She also sits on the Working Group of Neighbourhood Food Network Coordinators, which enables a united voice with which to advocate for just food policies.

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Charlene AleckCharlene Aleck

Charlene Aleck is a hard-working and devoted artist who inspires many with her love of culture and the arts in its many forms. Born into the Tsleil-Waututh Nation, Charlene comes from a family strong in fine arts.

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Kate BraidKate Braid

After years of working at traditional "women's jobs" as receptionist, secretary, and childcare worker, Kate Braid spent fifteen years working as a labourer, apprentice, and journey carpenter, building houses, high rises, and bridges, and doing renovations as a non-union, union, and self-employed carpenter.

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Jan DerbyshireJan Derbyshire

Jan Derbyshire is a performer, playwright, theatre maker, director, teacher, and comedian. Her work involves solo performance, community and artist celebration, traditional playwriting, experimental storytelling, video, words on paper, event creating, and stand-up comedy.

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Jessica Jone and Lorita LeungJessica Jone and Lorita Leung

Mother and daughter Lorita Leung and Jessica Jone are Vancouver-based dance artists who have been promoting Chinese dance culture in Canada for two generations.

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Sharon KallisSharon Kallis

Sharon Kallis works with green materials that others throw away, repurposing garden waste and invasive species to create site-specific installations that become ecological interventions.

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Sylvi MacCormacSylvi MacCormac

Sylvi MacCormac creates soundscapes by weaving together various elements: her rich Celtic heritage, her love of music and sound, and inspiration being born and living in Coast Salish Territory, Vancouver.

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Paromita NaiduParomita Naidu

In 2010, Paromita Naidu combined her love of dance and fashion design into a business called "Lotus Eye." Her goals include increasing the public's understanding of different fashion traditions, showcasing talented South Asian models, designers, and artists, and bringing together innovative companies that have conscious, creative, and revolutionary business models.

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Susan Point, Kelly Cannell, and Rhea GuerinSusan Point, Kelly Cannell, and Rhea Guerin

Susan Point is a Coast Salish artist who lives and works on the Musqueam Reserve in Vancouver. Susan has exhibited internationally, and has been awarded many public art commissions, including works in Stanely Park, the National Museum of the American Indian, Vancouver International Airport, and the Museum of Anthropology UBC. Her daughters, Kelly and Rhea, are both immersed in art, and often assist their mother.

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Marina SzijartoMarina Szijarto

Marina Szjarto is a visual and celebration artist with a diverse and eclectic arts practice. She works within the mediums of theatre, dance and performance, creating sets, costumes, and poster deign, and community-engaged rites and celebrations.

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Jan WadeJan Wade

Jan Wade arrived in Vancouver in 1981 and began working and collaborating in the underground art and music/club scene that was full of innovative performances and spontaneous happenings.

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Tracy WilliamsTracy Williams

Sesemiya Tracy Williams is a young Squamish mother, weaver, and high school/home school counsellor. She was initially inspired by her late grandmother, Eva Nahanee, who was a well-known cedar basket weaver.

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Jin-me YoonJin-me Yoon

Jin-me Yoon is a renowned visual artist who uses photography, video, and installation. As a professor at the School for Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser Universtiy, she shares her passion for contemporary art with her undergraduate and graduate students.

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Remarkable Women 2011: Community Builders

As part of the City's 125th Anniversary celebrations, the theme for 2011 was "community builders". A strong and vibrant city is built by its inhabitants. These women, of diverse backgrounds and abilities, represent a commitment to improving their communities through volunteerism, hard work, advocacy, and a passionate dedication to change for the good of everyone.

Remarkable Women 2010: Athletes

To coincide with the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, the 2010 poster series featured local women athletes. The women selected for this unique poster project span the decades, from the 1920s to the present day. As always, the featured women have diverse backgrounds and abilities, and they represent different sports and achievements at different levels.

Remarkable Women 2008: Debut

The poster project began with honouring remarkable women from our communities. These beautiful posters were created based on the research of historical interpreter, Jolene Cumming, with the help of First Nations Participation Coordinator, Kamala Todd, and designed by artist Tania Willard of Red Willow Designs.