Renter supports and protections

Contact a community legal organization for information or advice if you are a renter and are at immediate risk of losing your rental home. 

Over half of Vancouver households rent their homes. That is why we are actively working to implement strategies to improve protections and supports for renters. 

What's happeningEnhanced Broadway Plan area protections

On June 22, 2022, Council approved the Broadway Plan, which introduced enhanced tenant protections for renters in the Broadway Plan area, in addition to the existing City-wide Tenant Relocation and Protection Policy (TRPP).

For questions about Broadway Plan area tenant protections:

Learn more about enhanced Broadway Plan area protections

Tenant Relocation and Protection Policy (TRPP)

How renters are protected during rezoning and development, including details for renters and for owners and developers.

Single Room Accommodation Bylaw

The SRA Bylaw regulates the alteration, conversion, and demolition of low-cost housing Downtown.

SRA Vacancy Control Policy

The Vacancy Control Policy limits rent increases in SRA-designated buildings between tenancies.

Residential rental properties

A business licence is required for all residential property rentals. We have 3 licences based on how long you'll rent it and if you live there.

Property use and maintenance

Property use and maintenance: view related regulations and bylaws, helpful resources, and contact information if you have concerns.

Finding rental housing

Resources for finding rental housing in Vancouver and identifying rental properties with health or safety issues.

How the Province and the City help renters

Help for renters

Resources for renters