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Renter Office

As part of our commitment to protecting renters in Vancouver, the Renter Office provides a first point of contact to:

  • Answer questions
  • Provide information on City policies and permits
  • Refer renters to other organizations that can help

Navigating the rental process and finding information that matches your situation can be very confusing.

We're here to help you find the information you need, and support you to understand and pursue your rights as a renter. Keep updated on our latest developments by signing up for our newsletter.

What's happeningEnhanced Broadway Plan area protections

On June 22, 2022, Council approved the Broadway Plan, which introduced enhanced tenant protections for renters in the Broadway Plan area, in addition to the existing City-wide Tenant Relocation and Protection Policy (TRPP).

For questions about Broadway Plan area tenant protections:

Learn more about enhanced Broadway Plan area protections

Renter enquiry line 租客咨询专线

The Renter Office can provide information and resources to renters in Vancouver on renter-related issues in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin through the Renter Enquiry Line.


We monitor enquiries daily and aim to respond within two business days.

Renter advocacy and services team

We have created a team of staff across City departments so that renters are prioritized in every department.

Made up of staff from Affordable Housing Programs, Licensing, Housing Policy, and Legal Services, the team meets regularly and works with renters, building owners, landlords, community partners, and other levels of government.

The team is working to improve the renter experience and the stability of rental tenancies.

Renter services grants for organizations

City Council awards renter services grants to non-profit community organizations that serve and advocate for renters.

In March 2022, Council approved $575,000 in grants for 13 local organizations and advocacy groups serving renters. 

These funded programs will help Vancouver renters better understand and pursue their rights, and secure and stabilize their housing.

Learn more about Renter Services Grants

Renter Services at 900 Howe Street

On January 18, 2023, Council voted unanimously to approve Tenant Resource and Advisory Centre Society (TRAC) as the subtenant and non-profit operator of a social facility with services for renters at #150 and #200 - 900 Howe Street. 

TRAC is a key organization in Vancouver dedicated to providing free legal education and advocacy for renters on residential tenancy matters. The lease to TRAC will support improved access to services for renters that assist in preventing evictions, displacement from communities and, in some cases, homelessness.   

As part of the agreement with TRAC, portions of the space at 900 Howe Street will be rented to additional agencies and organizations to deliver complementary services to renters – building towards a vision of a ‘Renter Services Centre’ with multiple co-located agencies. 

With Council’s approval of Tenant Improvements to 900 Howe Street, renovations are set to take place throughout 2023, and TRAC anticipates moving their operations to 900 Howe Street in 2024.

Improved experiences of renters during redevelopment

When a landlord plans to redevelop or renovate a rental unit, renters may be eligible for additional assistance to what is required by the Provincial Residential Tenancy Act, under the City's Tenant Relocation and Protection Policy (TRPP).

While any move is disruptive, the intent of the TRPP is to mitigate the impacts of displacement resulting from redevelopment, through the implementation of a Tenant Relocation Plan. 

Implementing Tenant Relocation Plans can be complex and challenging, particularly in Vancouver's extremely tight rental market and with a persistent shortage of social, supportive, and shelter-rate homes.

The Renter Office is exploring opportunities to improve the implementation of Tenant Relocation Plans with the goal of improving the experience and outcomes for renters who are displaced because of redevelopment. 

Learn more about our tenant protections when redevelopment or renovation occurs