Second Beach Concession in Stanley Park

Serving up a fresh concession strategy

The Vancouver Park Board has hired a consultant to develop a business strategy pertaining to:

  • 12 seasonal concessions operated from April to October
  • The concession operated year-round at the Information Booth in Stanley Park

With the exception of the Spanish Banks East concession, facilities have not seen major upgrades in many years. 

Some are beginning to show signs of aging and are in need of investment to improve their condition and design.

Strategy goals

  • Improve and diversify food and beverage at concessions and other potential locations by:
    • Introducing food services based on emerging trends and locally recognized brands
    • Potentially converting current locations into full-service restaurants
    • Potentially introducing modular seasonal installations
  • Increase the appeal to residents and visitors
  • Explore models to improve efficiencies and financial return

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