Stanley Park seawall

2019-2022 Park Board Capital Plan

What you need to know

The Park Board mission is to provide, preserve, and advocate for parks and recreation to benefit all people, communities, and the environment.

The Park Board is responsible for the City’s parks and recreation services and facilities in cooperation with community partners. We set priorities for parks and recreation programs and projects, and submit capital and operating budget requests for City Council to consider on an annual basis.

The City of Vancouver 2019-2022 Capital Plan contemplates $2.8-billion of strategic capital investments over the next four years, organized by service categories.

The Park Board plays a primary role in determining the priority investment areas in the Parks and Open Spaces service category, and has a key role in priority setting for Community Facilities as well as Civic Facilities and Equipment. These three areas have a combined total of $399-million or roughly 14% of the City’s whole plan.

Strategic approach for capital prioritization

With 60,000 more residents expected in the next 10 years, we're entering a new era of urban park and facility development and renewal. The Park Board established three foundational pillars upon which the Capital Plan was developed:

  • Equity, inclusion, and access
  • Reconciliation
  • Resiliency

In addition to these three pillars, the Park Board’s focus for the 2019-2022 Capital Plan is on:

  • Densification in the urban core and growth areas
  • Physically active community and aging population
  • Demand for wellness amenities
  • Public desire to experience nature in the city of Vancouver

Public enagement

Public engagement on the 2019-2022 Capital Plan included outreach and feedback led by both Park Board and City of Vancouver staff.

The first phase of the citywide two-phase engagement process gathered initial input, while the second phase asked for feedback on the draft plan. 

Additionally, stakeholder groups were invited to submit up to three capital project ideas or priorities that fall under the Park Board mandate.

2019-2022 Capital Plan - When to pay

The input helped determine priority projects and programs in the Park Board 2019–2022 Capital Plan. Approximately 65% of Park Board led capital programs are dedicated towards adding or upgrading infrastructure and amenities to support growth, while 35% is dedicated towards the maintenance and renewal.


Investment areas

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 Park and land acquisition

 Seawall and waterfront

 Urban forest and natural areas

 Programmed activity area

 Park amenities

 General features and infrastructure

 Park buildings 


Parks and open spaces: $264 million

Recreation facilities (sub-category of community facilities): $125.7 million

Service yards (sub-category of civic facilities and equipment): $9 million

Want to get involved?

The next Capital Plan will be for 2023-2026 with the engagement launching in late 2021. There are many opportunities to provide your feedback.