Parks and Recreation Parking Strategy

Parking lots managed by the Vancouver Park Board help people get to community centres, recreation facilities, parks, and beaches.

They also support community and economic activities like filming, events, and businesses.

We’re developing a parking strategy to improve how parking is managed and planned for in the future.

This strategy was identified in VanPlay: Vancouver’s Parks and Recreation Services Master Plan, and aims to achieve 3 main goals:  

  • Improve park user experience and access.
  • Achieve financial sustainability.
  • Improve operations and management of parking infrastructure.


  • Sep 2023 to Jan 2024

    Phase 1

    Data and research collection

  • Jan to Mar 2024

    Phase 2

    Analysis and stakeholder engagement

  • We are here
  • Apr to May 2024

    Phase 3

    Draft policy options with follow-up engagement with key stakeholders

    Begin implementation framework

  • Jun to Oct 2024

    Phase 4

    Final policy recommendations and implementation framework

    Board decision - Oct 2024