Three primary school-aged children swimming at Hillcrest Pool

Vancouver Sport Strategy

The Vancouver Sport Strategy (VSS) provides a roadmap for the way ahead in sport for all Vancouver residents and charts a course for a new approach to sport in our communities. The VSS represents the culmination of a year of community consultation that included input from Vancouver leaders in sport. Their feedback has shaped the strategic recommendations contained in the Vancouver Sport Strategy (3.2 MB).

Why was the Vancouver Sport Strategy developed?

The VSS marks the beginning of a process to provide a framework for our role in sport. Specific benefits to be derived from the development of the VSS include:

  • Framework for Partnership Leading to Health and Wellness Outcomes
  • Inclusiveness
  • Sustain Recognition as a Premier Sports Destination
  • Sport Has a Role in Community Building

Vancouver Sport Strategy framework

Within the framework of the Canadian Sport for Life model, the VSS identifies six strategic goals that include detailed recommendations and outcomes for success in developing sport in Vancouver.

Strengthened interaction

A coordinated approach is taken to sport development in Vancouver, with all stakeholders committed to partner-based leadership, effective connectivity, and open communication.

Physical literacy for all

All children, from all segments of Vancouver, possess movement, sport, and decision-making skills to enjoy sport and physical activity for life.

Active for life

All Vancouver citizens, regardless of age, ability, physical capabilities, economic status, gender, culture, language, and location are aware, connected, and able to access the places and conditions that support structured and unstructured sport activity.

Enhanced excellence

The Vancouver sport community is integrated and sustains a pool of athletes, coaches, officials, clubs, and training centres, systematically achieving results at provincial, national, and international competition through fair and ethical means.

Quality facilities for participation and performance

A diverse range of accessible and welcoming facilities encourage all Vancouver residents to pursue sport at any level of the Canadian Sport for Life model: Physical literacy, excellence, and active for life.

Recognition as a premier event destination

Vancouver is recognized for strategically hosting events of all types which support tourism, economic, and sport development, while leaving social and community legacies.