Stanley Park ghost train

Ghost Train in Stanley Park

Welcome to Atomicville: October 7 to 31, 2022

Where the skies and the people are glowing - and not with health... It's Halloween night and we're following trick-or-treaters as they skirt toxic waste dumps and visit their creepy neighbours in search of irradiated sweets. 

Join us for all sorts of creepy campy fun as we explore the horror hiding behind the masks.

Each year the Stanley Park Ghost Train takes our riders on a journey through a mystical and magical world, inspired by Halloween and other spooky tales.

Help our partner charities

When you visit Ghost Train, please give generously to our partner charity the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society , by bringing a nutritious, non-perishable food item.


Hours of operation

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The Stanley Park Train is located on Pipeline Road in Stanley Park, via the West Georgia Street park entrance.

Take public transit , ride your bike, or walk.


Pay parking is available at the Railway lot, information booth, and Aquarium lots.

Contact us about event information and daily ticket availability

Phone: 604-257-8531


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