On Water: background

Summary of Phase 1 public consultation

In Phase 1 of public consultation, you told us about how you currently use the water for recreation, the types of activities you participate in, and where you typically access the water. You identified your key challenges, areas for improvement, and what you think already works well. In Phase 1 we learned:

  1. The top three areas of satisfaction are:
    • Access points to the water for launching
    • Facilities for washing equipment
    • Shower and change facilities
  2. The top three barriers to participation are:
    • Availability of storage equipment
    • Feeling safe on the water
    • A fear of conflict with other boats or ships
  3. The top three areas for improvement are:
    • Water quality and protection
    • Enhancing the marine environment
    • Water access for launching

Summary of Phase 2 public consultation

We asked you to review the draft Vision and Directions, plus add any additional ideas. In Phase 2, we learned that 85 percent of survey respondents indicated that the proposed vision reflected their On Water vision.

The top three directions:

  • Protect and enhance the environment
  • Improve safety
  • Provide greater opportunity

Top actions identified for these directions 

Protect and enhance the environment:

  1. User education
  2. Environmentally-sensitive design
  3. Stewardship and volunteer activities

Improve safety: 

  1. Clearly marked access points
  2. Dedicated recreational areas to avoid use conflicts
  3. Access to information about rules and etiquette

Provide greater opportunity: 

  1. Public facilities for non-motorized watercraft
  2. Access to equipment/storage space
  3. Affordable programs 

To see the complete list of the top actions for all 6 directions view the Phase 3 open house display boards  (2 MB).  

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