Platforms 2013-2015: Art marking Vancouver's Year of Reconciliation

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To honour and celebrate our Year of Reconciliation, the Public Art Program commissioned 10 new artist projects for an eight-month public exhibition of changing works.

The Reconciliation public art was recognized as Outstanding by Americans for the Arts

Information on the artists and artworks, exhibition timeline, and background on the Platforms project can be found in the tabs below. Review the Year of Reconciliation webpage to see the context for the artwork.


The Platforms artworks will play a part in helping to mend the past, build shared understanding, and create a legacy for meaningful change in society.

Here is a glimpse of what you will see during the Platforms exhibition.

About the Year of Reconciliation

Vancouver's Year of Reconciliation acknowledges the negative cultural impacts and stereotypes that resulted from Canada's residential school system.

The Year of Reconciliation is a call to action for all Canadians to come together to build more inclusive communities.

Project goals

The goals of the Platforms project are to:

  • Stimulate awareness and discussion of historical impacts of residential schools, racial injustices, and ideas of reconciliation
  • Contribute to a stimulating visual realm in Vancouver
  • Provide public art opportunities for artists who work in two-dimensional imagery
  • Present high calibre artworks in the context of international art practices

Call for artists

The call for artists was open to emerging and established Canadian artists who have completed basic training in the visual arts, and are producing work for professional and public venues.

Training could consist of completing formal institutional courses – such as a Fine Arts degree – or mentoring by established artists.

Aboriginal artists and artists from Vancouver were especially encouraged to apply.

How artists were selected

Proposals were evaluated by a peer panel of artists and art professionals based on the past work and initial approach of the artists.

Initial review criteria

  • Quality of the proposed concept or artwork, and relevance to the theme of reconciliation
  • High quality, innovation, and creativity of past work
  • Clarity of vision and purpose in relation to engaging the public, and sensitivity to range of ages and ethnic diversities
  • Demonstrated capacity to produce high quality imagery and to meet established deadlines
  • Ability and resources to meet technical requirements


All commissions were $5,000. This included all expenses to produce, design, and deliver the completed artwork.

Key dates

Date Deadline
October 14, 2013 (week of) Release date
October 30, 10:00am Submissions deadline
November 12 (week of) Shortlist selected
November 20 Shortlist orientation
December 9 (week of) Concept proposals due
December 16 (week of) Final selection and commissioning
January 20, 2014 First pieces due
March 3, 2014 First artworks appear

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Year of Reconciliation

In partnership with Reconciliation Canada, we supported a Year of Reconciliation.