Building Safer Communities Program (BSCP)

What you need to know

The BSCP focuses on prevention efforts that promote individual and community well-being, safety, and belonging. We work with non-profits, youth, and partners to identify ways to stop and prevent youth violence.

Through this program, we are working to prevent and address the root causes of youth violence, create safe spaces, and empower young people and communities to develop and implement solutions.

This program is funded by Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada.

Introducing the Youth Safety and Violence Prevention Strategy

On November 14, 2023, Council approved the Youth Safety and Violence Prevention Strategy which charts a course for how we can support young people to live safe, violence-free lives.

The strategy is the culmination of a year-long engagement process with Vancouver youth, youth-serving non-profits, and public agencies. 

Review the full-length strategy  (10.3 MB)Review the strategy (youth-friendly version)  (7.5 MB)

BSCP Grants

We offer 3 grant streams:

  • BSCP Youth Violence Prevention Program Grants 
  • BSCP Organizational and Youth Sector Capacity Building Project Grants
  • BSCP Youth Engagement Project Grants

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