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Housing options in lower density areas

Shifting towards the right supply of housing to meet the needs of people who live and work in Vancouver is a key objective of the Housing Vancouver Strategy.

Part of delivering the right supply is to provide more housing that falls between single-family homes and higher density apartments, often referred to as “missing middle” housing.

Adding housing choice across the city in our lower-density neighbourhoods is part of the effort to create more complete neighbourhoods; a goal emerging from work on the Vancouver Plan.

What's happeningAdding missing middle housing and simplifying regulations in low-density neighbourhoods

Council recently approved zoning changes to add multiplexes with up to 6 units per lot as a new missing middle housing option and to simplify rules for other housing options in low-density neighbourhoods across the city. 

Key objectives include:

  • Providing more housing choices in low-density neighbourhoods
  • Allowing more design flexibility for new buildings
  • Simplifying rules to create a more efficient permitting system

The new R1-1 zone took effect on October 17, 2023, and applies in all areas previously zoned RS. 

Interested in learning more about the new regulations? Review the:

Have questions about building under the new regulations? Contact the Development and Building Services Centre online

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What can be built in the low density residential inclusive (R1-1) zone

In most lower density areas, these housing options currently exist.

*Floor space ratio (FSR) is a measurement of the floor area of a building relative to the area of the site it is built on. FSR is used to describe the size of a building.

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Opportunities for other new housing types in low density areas

Several City policies and plans enable other housing options to be created in some low-density neighbourhoods. Additional opportunities are being explored as part of implementation of the Vancouver Plan and Housing Vancouver Strategy.

Learn more about the:

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