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Comox year-round School Street

As part of the 2021 School Streets Pilot, we partnered with the Vancouver School Board and Lord Roberts Elementary School to make Comox Street car-free, between Cardero and Bidwell streets, during school pick-up and drop-off times. 

Because of the pilot's success and the feedback collected over the last 2 years, we consulted the school and broader community on a potential year-round School Street proposal in spring 2023. We collected feedback from 749 people.

We heard both support for safe active travel options and concerns about impacts on accessibility, parking, sanitation, and safety. Read the Phase 1 Public Engagement Summary (24 MB)

Feedback collected from residents and the school community helped staff explore different design options that would meet the needs of both local residents and the school community. Alternate options have been explored, including an option which balances providing vehicle access along the block and dedicated space for active transportation through a pilot bi-directional bike lane. 

What's happeningNew temporary two-way bike lane

We're planning to pilot a two-way temporary bike lane along the 1600-block of Comox Street, between Cardero and Bidwell streets. The goal is to keep vehicle and parking access, along with having a dedicated bike lane for active transportation.

The proposed design for this block includes:

  • Adding a one-way, westbound vehicle lane on the north side of the street
  • Establishing a two-way bike lane on the south side of the street
  • Maintaining parking on the north side of the street

Review the design details  (2.9 MB)

The bike lane is expected to be completed by summer 2024. It will be piloted and monitored for 2 years and if successful, we may keep it permanently.

Check back for updates.

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Comox year-round School Street timeline

  • Spring 2021

    School Streets Pilot launches at 3 local schools for 4 weeks.

  • Fall 2021

    Lord Roberts Elementary implements the program for an entire school year (2021-2022).

  • Spring 2022

    The School Streets Program grows to 5 schools.

  • Fall 2022

    Lord Roberts Elementary implements the program for an entire school year (2022-2023).

  • Spring 2023

    The School Streets Program expands to 7 schools.

  • Spring 2023

    Phase 1 - Public engagement launched

  • Summer 2023

    Phase 1 - Public engagement summary

  • Fall 2023

    Two-way bike lane update

  • April 2024

    Project updates mailed out

  • We are here
  • Spring and summer 2024

    Installation of a temporary two-way bike lane