Parents pick up their children from a school on a School Street

School Streets

School Street barrier signA School Street is a car-free block beside a school open to walking, biking, and rolling.

No motor vehicles are permitted to enter or exit the block when the School Street is in effect but parked vehicles may remain.

School Streets is a popular program around the world and has been shown to:

  • Create a safer environment for children
  • Improve air quality
  • Encourage active travel to school and promote independent mobility
  • Reduce congestion and vehicle volumes around schools
  • Help students and families reimagine different uses for public space

Program impact

Encouraging active travel to school is part of our Climate Emergency Action Plan. Eleven schools have participated in the School Streets Program since 2021. 

2022 to 2023 program highlights:

  • 23% of elementary school families reported walking more
  • 33% of secondary students reported walking more
  • Almost 500 families and secondary students tried walking, biking, or rolling for the first time 
  • 92% of elementary students reported the street felt safer
  • 74% of parents want the School Street to continue

Review the 2022 to 2023 School Streets Program report (8.45 MB)

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Slow Streets

Slow Streets are routes for walking, cycling, and rolling that make it easier to exercise and access businesses in your local neighbourhood.