Norquay Village Neighbourhood Centre Plan

Norquay Park

The City's Neighbourhood Centre Program is designed to create neighbourhoods that provide residents with a variety of housing, jobs and services, with centres that will become the heart of each neighbourhood and meet the current and emerging needs of local residents and businesses.

The Norquay Village Neighbourhood Centre Plan, approved by Council in November 2010, was developed with input from Norquay Village residents and property and business owners to help guide growth and development throughout the neighbourhood in the coming years. 

Implementation of the plan includes areas such as: improvements to Kingsway, new residential zones, a public benefits strategy, and a public realm plan.

About Vancouver's community planning

A community plan is a clear but flexible framework for guiding positive change and public benefit in a neighbourhood. The plan considers long-range and short-term goals for a neighbourhood. All community plans help the City work toward broader objectives established for the entire city and region, but still recognize the specific issues and initiatives of each area.

Progress on the implementation of the neighbourhood centre plan

Milestones in the process and community amenities being delivered

February 28, 2017 - Since 2010, implementation of the plan has included improvements to Kingsway, new residential zones, a public benefits strategy, and a public realm plan. Read the progress bulletin for an update on development taking place in the neighbourhood and on community amenities being delivered.

Public Realm Plan available to download

October 17, 2016 - The Norquay Village Public Realm Plan is the last of the implementing policies associated with the Norquay Village Neighbourhood Centre Plan. The Plan (2010) and the Public Benefits Strategy (2013) were adopted by City Council and direction was given at those times to complete the final implementation documents.

Zoning amendments passed by council

January 20, 2016 – After Council heard from speakers and reviewed correspondence, Council approved the proposed zoning amendments to introduce RM-9A/9AN zoning in Norquay. It is anticipated that the zones will be enacted in early February. Applications under the new zoning may now be submitted.

January 19 public hearing: Proposed zoning amendments

January 5, 2016 – As part of implementing the neighbourhood centre plan, Council will consider amendments to the Zoning and Development Bylaw at a public hearing.

Tuesday, January 19
Council Chamber
City Hall, 453 West 12th Avenue, Third Floor

If approved, the RM-9 and RM-9N districts schedules and guidelines will be amended to include RM-9A and RM-9AN.

Properties in the Apartment Transition Area will be rezoned from RS-1 (One-Family Dwelling) District to RM-9A/9AN (Multiple-Dwelling) Districts to allow for apartments in Norquay Village.

Past updates

Details of this community plan

The Norquay Vision, Community Directions and Planning Principles have guided the development of the Neighbourhood Centre Plan.

The vision for the Norquay Village Neighbourhood Centre Plan includes five key objectives:

  1. Focus on the revitalization of Kingsway as a local high street.
  2. Support the development of new spaces for community gatherings and new public amenities.
  3. Enable residential neighbourhoods to evolve incrementally and organically.
  4. Create more affordable entry-level home ownership opportunities, particularly for families, while retaining the ability to include rental housing.
  5. Improve safe and enjoyable pedestrian and bicycle connections while trying to minimize the impact on local traffic.

Throughout the planning process, several themes emerged which have been translated into community directions for Norquay Village:

  • Strengthen Kingsway as a diverse, vibrant, and walkable neighbourhood heart and retail high street
  • Create attractive, pedestrian-friendly, and safe streetscapes along Kingsway
  • Encourage new development along Kingsway that adds to the diversity and character of Norquay
  • Shops and services should be locally oriented
  • Focus higher-density development in locations with convenient access
  • Seek opportunities to create functional and distinctive public spaces
  • Ensure a diversity of housing types
  • Maintain a strong single-family residential character
  • New development should work to protect public views and mature trees
  • Create a safe, pedestrian-friendly, and traffic-calmed transportation network
  • New development should bring new amenities that serve the neighbourhood
  • Ensure that neighbourhood parks are accessible for all neighbours
  • Look for opportunities to add and extend green space throughout the neighbourhood
  • Emphasize sustainability and environmental innovation

Building on the community directions, neighbourhood planning principles were also developed to guide the formulation of a variety of new housing types:

  • Focus on options that work with a single lot.
  • Fit in with the character of established single-family housing.
  • Create new ownership options.
  • Retain rental housing options.
  • Use block characteristics to determine type.
  • Retain current options in addition to new options.

Work leading up to the community plan

The Neighbourhood Centre Program is designed to deliver improvements to neighbourhood shopping areas and to plan for housing varieties around them. The Norquay Village area was identified as a Neighbourhood Centre in the Renfrew-Collingwood Community Vision in 2004.

The community said that Norquay Village should be a more attractive and lively shopping area, and that there should be a mix of new housing around it for families, seniors, and young people.

In April 2006 a Norquay Village Neighbourhood Centre Area Work Program was developed that identified study area boundaries, special sites, program products, process and schedule, and relevant Vision directions.