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Norquay Village Neighbourhood Centre Plan

The Norquay Village Neighbourhood Centre Plan, approved by Council in November 2010, was developed with input from Norquay Village residents and property and business owners to help guide growth and development throughout the neighbourhood in the coming years. 

Implementation of the plan includes areas such as: improvements to Kingsway, new residential zones, a public benefits strategy, and a public realm plan.

What's happeningNorquay RM-7 resident survey

June 2021 -  As we consider how to diversify housing options in neighbourhoods across Vancouver as part of the Vancouver Plan, staff want to learn more about resident's experiences living in a new homes built in the RM-7 zone in Norquay.

In March 2021, a survey was sent to homes in the RM-7 district that have been built as part of implementing the Norquay Village Neighbourhood Centre Plan. Residents of new homes in these areas were invited to share their experiences of living in their homes, what they like about it, and what could be better.

Key documents

Norquay Village Neighbourhood Centre Plan (7 MB)

The plan provides a framework to guide change and growth over the next 30 years in Norquay Village.

Public Benefits Strategy (2.3 MB)

The Public Benefits Strategy provides strategic direction for future capital investments in the area over the long-term.

Public Realm Plan (1.5 MB)

The plan will guide the design of public and semi-public spaces and inform a sense of place throughout the Village.

Shopping Area Public Realm and Transportation Improvements Plan (2 MB)

The Transportation Improvements Plan guides the redesign of Kingsway and intersecting streets from Gladstone to Killarney Streets.

Past updates

Milestones in the process and community amenities being delivered

February 28, 2017 - Since 2010, implementation of the plan has included improvements to Kingsway, new residential zones, a public benefits strategy, and a public realm plan. Read the progress bulletin for an update on development taking place in the neighbourhood and on community amenities being delivered.

Zoning amendments passed by council

January 20, 2016 – After Council heard from speakers and reviewed correspondence, Council approved the proposed zoning amendments to introduce RM-9A/9AN zoning in Norquay. It is anticipated that the zones will be enacted in early February. Applications under the new zoning may now be submitted.

Related zoning documents

Building guidelines