West end community plan

West End Community Plan

The West End is a liveable neighbourhood that is home to a unique mix of people and places.

It is a community that features a range of housing, land use, heritage buildings, transportation options, and amenities.

What's happeningCurrent West End Plan implementation projects

West End Rezoning Policy: secured rental housing option in the Burrard Corridor

To help create more rental housing in the West End, staff are proposing to permanently allow rezoning applications in the Burrard Corridor sub-areas D and E for 100% secured rental buildings with 20% below-market rental (BMR) component.

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West End waterfront parks and Beach Avenue master plan

We're beginning a planning process to create a comprehensive long-term vision and plan for the West End's waterfront parks, beaches, facilities, and the surrounding street network. 

Learn more about the West End Waterfront masterplan

W.E. Connect: West End Community Hub redevelopment

The West End is reimagining its community hub and community centre, a space where everyone can come together to connect, relax, learn, and play. 

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Explore more about public benefits completed, under construction, and upcoming projects

Recent development in the community has contributed to new amenities that were identified in the West End Plan's Public Benefits Strategy (PBS). The PBS provides direction for future investments in the community over the long term, including parks, civic facilities, transportation, affordable housing, childcare, and more.

Check out our public benefits summary to explore more about public benefits in the West End.

Key documents

Full community plan (13.33 MB)

A longer read about managing future change in each area, housing, transportation, public spaces, arts, culture, health, and much more.

West End Public Benefit Strategy Implementation Progress Report (2.5 MB)

Learn about the implementation of the West End Public Benefits Strategy.

Report: secured rental and below-market housing

Report on criteria for 100% secured rental and below-market housing as an alternative to inclusionary social housing in the Burrard Corridor.

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