West End corridors

The corridors are generally the newer areas of the community. Most new housing and job space along the corridors was built over the past 40 years. The corridors have easy access to transit, services, and amenities. They can accommodate job space and housing that meet the needs of the community.

Corridor directions

To create these improved, connected corridors, we plan to strategically locate opportunities for new growth with increased heights and densities along the Georgia and Burrard corridors, and Lower Robson to help increase affordability and add public benefits.

On Lower Davie, height limits will not change, but increased densities will help housing be more affordable. We also plan to strengthen Alberni Street (between Burrard and Bute Streets) as an emerging retail district.

West End community plan

Discover more about our focus on neighbourhood character, housing, local business, heritage, and transportation and parking.

Download the plan  (15 MB)