West End villages

Three distinct, primarily low-rise villages help knit the West End community together and provide people with day and night opportunities to shop, work, and play.

The community plan will help foster three distinct, memorable, and vibrant village areas:

  • Davie Village
  • Denman Village
  • Robson Village  

Village directions

To create these vibrant village areas, we plan to:

  • Generally keep new buildings between two to four storeys tall, to maintain the low-rise commercial character and to maximize sunlight on the sidewalks
  • Establish strong pedestrian and transit connections, to link the villages together as distinct destinations along the "West Loop"
  • Recognize and celebrate the villages as places to gather, socialize, and celebrate

Strengthening the villages

Davie Village will be strengthened and enhanced as an area for local business and nightlife. Its distinct flavour as the gay village will be recognized and celebrated through the use of colour and lighting, and enhanced as a space for local celebration, events, and gathering. Community events and programming will be encouraged and supported.

Denman Village will be strengthened as the West End’s "Main Street", lined with local businesses and community facilities. It will retain its sunny, low-scale, and commercial feel and allow pedestrians to move and gather comfortably.

Robson Village will be strengthened as a regional shopping and entertainment district with: continuous, active commercial frontages; weather protection; and patios in building setback areas and on rooftops.

West End community plan

Discover more about our focus on neighbourhood character, housing, local business, heritage, and transportation and parking.

Download the plan  (15 MB)