Bloedel Conservatory: Exotic birds

See what exotic birds we have at Bloedel Conservatory.

Art (blue and gold macaw)

Blanca (umbrella cockatoo)

Carmen and Maria (green-winged macaws) 

Gidget (citron-crested cockatoo)

Kramer (moluccan cockatoo)

Mali (sulphur-crested cockatoo)

Nelson (hahn's dwarf macaw)

Ruby (eclectus parrot)

Rudy (African grey parrot)

Bearded reedling

Blue-faced parrotfinch

Border canary

Bourke's parakeet

Bull finch


Chinese pheasant

Cuban finch

Cut-throat finch

Diamond dove

Gloster canary

Gouldian finch

Java finch

 Lady Amherst's pheasant

Lavender waxbill

Long-tailed finch

 Napolean weaver

Orange bishop weaver 

Owl finch


Pied imperial pigeon

Pin-tailed whydah

Princess parrot

Red-billed firefinch

Red-cheeked cordonbleu

Red-rump parakeet

Red-winged laughingthrush

Roul-roul partridge

Saffron finch

Society finch

Star finch


Barred parakett

Zebra finch