Bloedel Conservatory is an exotic blend of colours, sights, and sounds

Bloedel Conservatory offers something for every member of your family.

Discover the beautifully coloured birds, tropical forests and flowers, and the subtle scents of a healing garden.

Uncle Fester returns to Bloedel Conservatory

Uncle Fester has returned to Bloedel, but looks a little different this time around. In 2018 and 2021, visitors saw Uncle Fester as a large stinky flower. For the first time ever, Uncle Fester is on display during the leaf stage of its life cycle. 

Learn more about the titan arum

Regular admission or membership is required for entry. 

Wander among over colourful birds

You will find red, blue, and dwarf Macaws, African parrots, exotic Finches and Chinese pheasants at Bloedel. Don’t be surprised if they answer when you say hello.

Chatty parrots and free-flying birds appear effortlessly at home in the exotic environment of Bloedel Conservatory. Handy bird guides and a children’s scavenger hunt are available at the front desk.

View the exotic birds

Explore our tropical ecosystems

Bloedel Conservatory demonstrates the importance of habitat protection and plant conservation.

Biodiversity greatly increases closer to the equator, and many of the world’s most endangered ecosystems are found there.

Tropical rainforest habitat

Tropical rainforest habitat is the most complex and diverse ecosystem on earth. One hectare of some rainforests have been found to contain more tree species than exist in all of Canada. Bloedel Conservatory offers a taste of this threatened paradise.

Subtropical rainforest habitat

Subtropical rainforest habitat with brighter light and less humidity is ideal for growing orchids. Banyan and fig trees are the perfect backdrop for these exotic blooms.

Discover the tropical plants

Engage your senses in the healing garden

A healing garden engages the senses and the Bloedel Conservatory does just that. The most obvious of these is sight, but smell, touch, taste and auditory input can all be present. We gain positive effects on our emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, and social well being from being exposed to nature or horticultural activities.

And don't forget the gift shop...

The Conservatory Gift Shop offers items ranging from jewelry to souvenirs of the city.

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