Gathering Place basic services

We offer basic services like mail pickup, phone and fax services, message services, and daytime storage.

Mail services

Use the Gathering Place address for personal mail by having your mail addressed to:

Your Name
C/O Gathering Place
609 Helmcken Street
Vancouver, BC
V6B 5R1

We can accept regular mail on your behalf but not packages. You can pick up your mail from Monday to Friday after 1:00pm.

Bring your ID to pick up mail and photo ID to collect government cheques. We will hold your mail for one month, after that it will be returned to sender.

Phones and faxing

We have free phones available for local outgoing calls. Phones are available from 10:00am — 8:00pm daily. Telephone time is limited to five minutes per call.

You can use the Gathering Place phone number to receive messages. Messages are posted on a bulletin board for one week. Use the number 604-665-2391. You can also find this number on your membership card.

You can use the fax machine at the Gathering Place to fax outgoing resumes within the Lower Mainland. Faxing is available from Monday to Friday, 10:00am — 5:30pm.

Daytime storage

We offer daytime storage for you to safely lock up your personal items between 10:00am — 7:00pm daily. Space is limited and a membership is required.

Remember to clear out your storage space at the end of each day. Items left overnight will be thrown out.