CitizenU anti-bullying and anti-discrimination program

Council is creating a safer, stronger, more inclusive Vancouver, by working with youth and their families to tackle racism, discrimination, and bullying.

The City has joined forces with the Board of Education, Park Board, and Public Library - plus other government agencies and community organizations - to start a citywide action research initiative called "CitizenU."

CitizenU aims to eliminate discrimination based on:

  • Ability
  • Age
  • Citizenship
  • Culture
  • Ethnicity
  • Faith
  • Gender
  • Health
  • Language
  • Race
  • Sexual orientation
  • Socioeconomic circumstances
  • Social groupings

It also strives to build stronger, more positive relationships among Vancouver's diverse communities.

What are the goals of CitizenU?

CitizenU plans to:

  • Train 2,000 young community leaders in anti-racism, anti-discrimination and intercultural relations ,who will continue to address racism, discrimination and bullying in their communities beyond the project
  • Involve 2,000 family and community members as project participants, resulting in stronger relationships between Vancouver’s cultural communities
  • Create models and good practices for engaging youth from diverse communities, which will inform policy and practice within the City and within partner organizations
  • Develop anti-racism, anti-discrimination, anti-bullying and intercultural community-building curricula that will continue to be used by Vancouver schools and community organizations beyond the project
  • Design and deliver an estimated 24 youth-driven projects to address racism, discrimination, and bullying in schools, organizations and neighbourhoods

Want to learn more or get involved?

You can get all of the details of the CitizenU program, along with information for how you can get involved in the project, by visiting the CitizenU pages of the Vancouver Youth website.

  • Learn more about CitizenU and get involved
  • Visit the online portal for Vancouver's youth


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