Electric vehicle charging station

Electric Vehicles (EVs)

By 2040, all new cars and trucks will be zero emissions in BC.

To support the shift to renewably powered transportation, we're improving and expanding our public EV charging network, implementing policy to support home charging, increasing the number of EVs in our fleet, and working with business and other levels of government to make switching to an EV as easy as possible.

Supporting our goals

How we get around the city will play an important role in how we fight climate change and reduce carbon pollution, we know that we need safe and convenient active transportation, improved transit, and zero emissions vehicles to achieve this.

This aligns with one of our Climate Emergency goals: By 2030, 50% of the kilometers driven on Vancouver's roads will be by zero emissions vehicles.

Tackling emissions related to transportation, which make up nearly 40% of the city's total carbon pollution.

Vancouver declared a Climate Emergency in 2019, and in 2020 approved the Climate Emergency Action Plan. Accelerated actions to support this goal will focus on:

  • Accelerating the expansion of the public EV charging network
  • Adding incentives to accelerate the transition to EVs

Charging at home

The most common place to charge an EV is at home, and it’s often the least expensive. In Vancouver, any people can charge enough for their daily drive on a wall outlet, also known as Level 1 charging, in 4 hours or less, which works great while your EV is parked overnight. If you have access to a Level 2 charger, 45 minutes is all it takes on average.

To help Vancouverites access home charging as easily as possible, the City has required growing amounts of EV infrastructure as part of new residential construction since 2011. As of January 1, 2019, all new development permit applications require that 100% of residential parking stalls, except visitor stalls, must be EV-ready.

Read the reports:

The technical details of our EV-readiness requirements are detailed in the Electric Vehicle charging for buildings bulletin (214 KB).

We estimate that our requirements create over 9,000 new residential charging circuits each year. But, if your home parking stall doesn’t have a place to charge, you do have options.

Electric vehicle cord cover licence

We have added licensing of extension cord covers to charge electric vehicles in front of your home, making it easier for those without access to an off-street parking stall or without the ability to install charging infrastructure. Learn more about the cord cover licence.


The City does not require any EV-specific permits for retrofitting homes, but you must have a valid electrical permit and have your work done by a qualified professional. 

If you live in a strata or are part of a strata council looking for more information on adding EV charging to your parking area, our partners at Metro Vancouver operate evcondo.ca , which provides information on technical, legal, and financial resources to make the process easier.

The Province of BC and the Government of Canada offer rebates for home charging upgrades. Find out more about home charging and other incentive programs at pluginbc.ca .

Beginning in spring 2021, the City will be providing a top-up incentive program to qualifying multi-unit rental buildings. 

Charging in public

For residents without access to home or workplace charging, or for visitors to Vancouver, we support a growing public charging network of DC Fast Charging and Level 2 charging stations. A wide variety of private businesses and other organizations also provide charging around the city.

By late 2021, a DC Fast Charging hub will be located within a 10-minute drive of most parts of Vancouver.

Find an EV charging station near you or your destination with online maps and mobile apps such as Plugshare  or Chargehub .

Map legend

  • Level 2 Charging Stations (7kW): Blue
  • DC Fast Charging Stations: Pink
  • Dedicated parking for zero emissions vehicles: Orange

ZEV decal benefits

The Province of BC administers a decal program for zero emission vehicles. Electric vehicles displaying an official decal are provided with benefits province-wide, with additional benefits offered in Vancouver.

Related initiatives

Electric vehicle charging for rental buildings

Owners or building managers of existing rental buildings can apply to have City-owned EV chargers installed in their buildings.

Commerical Curbside Electric Vehicle Charging Program

The Commercial Curbside Electric Vehicle Charging program supports the growth of EVs by increasing access to your home and public charging.

Charging at gas stations and parking lots

We're updating business licences for gas stations and commercial parking lots to encourage them to provide charging for electric vehicles.

Climate Emergency Action Plan

Our plan focuses on cutting carbon pollution from our biggest local sources: burning fossil fuels in our buildings and vehicles.

Data points

An interactive data visualization of the interrelated systems connected to the electrical vehicle (EV) charging network.

Condos, townhomes, and apartments

Visit evcondo.ca for information on setting up EV charging in stratified buildings.

You can also search their registry to find an EV-friendly strata building.