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What's new

Property tax relief for businesses

Independent, small businesses, and community partners paying disproportionately high taxes because of development potential can apply for property tax relief.

Declaration deadline: March 31

Shape our Seniors Housing Strategy

Are you a Vancouver senior, Elder, adult 55+, or a caregiver? We want to hear from you.

Your feedback will help us understand the housing needs of seniors and adults 55+ in Vancouver.

Litter cleanup challenge

Conduct a cleanup anytime between March 22 to April 22.

You can use your own equipment or pick up a cleanup kit at any participating community centre or community policing centre.

Coexisting with coyotes

Jan to June is coyote breeding season. Coyotes might be more active and assertive during this time, especially near their dens.

Learn how to coexist with coyotes and report coyote sightings.

Submit a book for the 2023 Book Award

The book may be published in 2022 and explore any aspects of Vancouver such as its history, geography, diverse communities, current affairs, or the arts.

Submission deadline: April 14 at 4pm