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What's new

Claim your home owner grant online

To avoid a 5% penalty on your outstanding property tax balance, make sure we receive your claim by July 3.

Music Strategy conversation series

We are home to incredible talent and artists poised for breakout success. How can we make the city a vibrant home for music? Share your thoughts at our Community Conversation Series.

Reduce cigarette litter

Help protect our parks, beaches, waterways, and wildlife, and prevent fires by properly disposing of your cigarette butts in a waste receptacle, ashtray, or pocket ashtray.  

Inspiring traffic safety with song

Listen to our new traffic safety song playlist that inspires safe, courteous, and mindful road behaviour: “Grandma on the Move” by Will Stroet, featuring Charlotte Diamond.


Are you a woman, trans, or cis, between the ages of 18-23 and interested in municipal issues and politics? Learn about civic government and gain mentorship from Council.

Apply by July 5.