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Heritage Action Plan

The Heritage Action Plan is a review of the policies and tools used to conserve and celebrate heritage resources. It was approved by Council in December 2013 to improve how the City supports heritage conservation in Vancouver.

Actions implemented through the plan will result in an update of the City’s existing Heritage Conservation Program, which was originally established in 1986, Vancouver's centennial.

Consultants, staff, and a public advisory committee are working on actions set out in the plan. You will also have numerous opportunities to provide your input.   

What's happening

Council enacts bylaw amendments

On January 16, 2018, Council enacted changes to the RS District Schedules and approved the Guidelines for Additions, Infill, and Multiple Conversion Dwelling in Association with the Retention of a Character House in a RS Zone. In addition, amendments to the strata title policies were also approved.

Key areas for action and implementation

The Heritage Action Plan has five key areas for action and implementation.

In depth

Learn more about past developments, find documents, and read about the background of this iniative.

Character Home Zoning Review

The Character Home Zoning Review will review to manage the character of distinctive areas of older homes in single family zoned neighbourhoods.

Nominate a site to the Heritage Register

Do you know a historic place that should be formally recognized on the City’s Heritage Register? Help us identify historic sites in Vancouver that are important to you using our easy online form.

Protecting Vancouver's history

How we protect heritage properties

The City has a range of incentives and protective measures that encourage the restoration and continued use of heritage buildings.

Find a registered heritage building, site, or tree

Download the Vancouver Heritage Register to find over 2,200 registered heritage buildings, parks, trees, and monuments.

Character merit assessment

Request a character assessment for a house built before 1940 before you begin renovations or apply for development permits.

Questions about the Heritage Action Plan? Please contact us.


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