Crowd of people attending our Heritage Reboot event, that included nominating sites to the Heritage Register

Nominate a site to the Heritage Register

We're updating the Vancouver Heritage Register!

We have received your nominations and our consultant is now in the process of reviewing them and will provide a report later in the year.

This will help us to update the Heritage Register and work on the Heritage Action Plan.

The Vancouver Heritage Register is a valuable record of our heritage

The Heritage Register is a list of about 2,200 sites with architectural or heritage value, such as:

  • Buildings and structures
  • Streetscapes
  • Landscape resources (parks and landscapes, trees, monuments, public works)
  • Archaeological sites

This list documents key examples of Vancouver’s heritage and is a planning tool to help manage our heritage resources.

While sites on the register aren't legally protected, they're acknowledged as Vancouver’s special places that link to our city's past and should be retained.

The Vancouver Heritage Register was formally adopted by City Council in 1994.

Themes for our Heritage Register

The following themes have been prepared to inform the Vancouver Heritage Register upgrade.

They'll be reviewed and updated as part of the Heritage Action Plan.

These themes will help us understand the heritage value of sites on the register and of sites you nominate.