New measures to boost rental housing

In 2018, we began a review of our rental housing incentive programs. This review was an action identified out of the Housing Vancouver Strategy and the Housing Vancouver: Three-year action plan.

The review was completed in two phases and on November 26, 2019, Council approved the Secured Rental Policy: Incentives for New Rental Housing. The policy encourages new rental housing across Vancouver, while also working toward other City objectives.

What's happening

We're in process of implementing the Secured Rental Policy

The Secured Rental Policy is an incentive program to encourage development of rental housing. The policy combines previous rental housing programs (Rental 100 and the Affordable Housing Choices Interim Rezoning Policy). 

The Secured Rental Policy is intended to help achieve the desired outcomes developed through research, analysis, and engagement with the public and stakeholders. The desired outcomes include:

  • Increasing housing choice for renter households
  • Streamlining processes and clarifying policy requirements
  • Diversifying rental housing options
  • Responding to the City’s Climate Emergency
  • Helping enhance local shopping areas
  • Improving livability of rental housing

Read the draft proposed changes and provide your feedback.

Read a short summary of the changes available in English (4 MB), Simplified Chinese (4 MB), or Punjabi (5 MB).

Proposed changes

Tell us what you think

We want to hear your feedback on the draft proposed changes. Public feedback will be considered in the final proposals brought forward to Council. 

The deadline for comments is extended to Apr 3, 2020.


  • Aug 2018 - Jun 2019

    Historical research and analysis

  • Jul 2019

    Council check-in and update

  • Aug - Oct 2019

    Scoping options for changes to City rental housing policies

    Opportunity for public engagement

  • Nov 2019

    Council report and approval of the Secured Rental Policy

  • Jan - April 2020

    Policy implementation and proposals for zoning changes

    Opportunity for public engagement

  • Late spring 2020

    Report to Council with proposed zoning changes for decision