Plaza stewardship

As our city continues to grow, public spaces, such as plazas, have an increasingly important role in supporting neighbourhood livability and strengthening residents’ connections to their community.

Once a plaza is designed and built, there’s a need to plan for how this space will be cared for on an on-going basis.

Plaza stewardship strives to:

  • Strike a balance between quieter activities such as people watching, and more lively activities such as community and cultural events
  • Clean and maintain the plaza so that it remains enjoyable and available for ongoing use
  • Manage and coordinate different user groups and interests to ensure the plaza is used and cared for under the community's guidance

Plazas are public spaces where residents and visitors can experience public life by:

  • Gathering
  • Socializing
  • Relaxing
  • Participating in cultural and community events
  • Exercising democratic and civic rights

What's Happening

Share a Square Pilot Program

Activate our public spaces and build community connections by hosting a plaza meetup event at: 

We heard that communities are interested in using our plazas for small-scale events but sometimes permitting and costs can be barriers. To solve this, we're testing a program that makes small-scale events easier to book and free of charge. We even provide insurance coverage.

To register, fill out the application form and submit it to 

Download the application form (73 KB)

What we're doing

Together with our partners, we're already involved in the stewardship of a number of locations across the city.

In response to increased demand for the use of existing public spaces, and for new plazas, we're working on processes to facilitate more community and partner-based plaza stewardship.

One of the central aspects of this work is to develop a plaza stewardship strategy to provide guidance for how to effectively plan for and support the stewardship of new and existing plaza spaces.

Plaza stewardship progress

  • Report to Council that identified the need for City-owned Plaza Stewardship Strategy

  • Jim Deva Plaza Stewardship Pilot

  • Update Council on Plaza Stewardship Strategy project

  • Workshop with public space stakeholders and interested groups

  • We are here
  • Plaza Stewardship Strategy to Council