Plazas and public space programs

We’re working to create better plazas and gathering spaces throughout the city.

They’re places for people to gather, celebrate, and socialize; creating more places for community and neighbour interactions. We have spaces ideal for hosting large events or having more intimate interactions with friends and family.

Learn more about some of the plazas and laneways in our city. There are many more spaces beyond our list.

Public pianos

Do you have a question or comment about a piano in a public space?

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800 Robson Plaza and šxʷƛ̓ənəq Xwtl'e7énḵ Square

The plazas surrounding the Vancouver Art Gallery have long been a space for people to socialize, and a place for civic and creative expression.

Helena Gutteridge Plaza

The plaza honours Helena Gutteridge and her achievements as the first woman elected to Vancouver City Council.

Jim Deva Plaza

An inclusive gathering space that honours Mr. Deva's legacy, and the contributions of the LGBTQ2+ community.


Parklets, designed and built by local designers, transform on-street parking into innovative public seating areas.


We’re working to create better plazas and gathering spaces throughout the city.

Curbside patio study

A study to test new approaches to facilitate curbside patios throughout the city.


Laneways are broadly under-utilized as public space and are being reimagined as "people-places".

Plaza stewardship

Public spaces have an important role in neighbourhood livability and community connections.

Parks, gardens, and beaches

Visit one of the stunning parks, gardens, and beaches in Vancouver.