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2019-2022 Capital Plan

Our capital plan is a four-year financial plan for investments in our city's infrastructure and amenities.

Capital plans match the term of Council, and allow for a vote on borrowing money to be held at the same time as the civic election.

Read the full 2019-2022 Capital Plan  (6.6 MB).

2019-2022 Capital Plan: $2.8 billion

Existing assets
New assets
2019-2022 Capital Plan - Existing assets

Get details for each of the program investment areas

The 2019-2022 Capital Plan ($2.8 billion) has been organized into 13 program investment areas.

Browse through each category to find out more about how the funding is distributed.

How capital projects and programs are funded

We use two perspectives to help describe the way capital programs and projects are funded: the funding source and financing method.

Funding sources

The proposed funding sources for the 2019-2022 Capital Plan vary by program. This is most evident when comparing planned investments in existing assets and planned investments in new assets.

Existing assets
New assets
2019-2022 Capital Plan - Who pays - existing

Financing methods

Funding for the 2019-2022 Capital Plan is provided through a mix of financing methods, with debt comprising less than 20% of the overall financing mix.

2019-2022 Capital Plan - When to pay