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Have a great idea for naming one of the City of Vancouver's assets?

We welcome names that

  • Honour noteworthy Vancouver people.
  • Commemorate our history, places, or events.
  • Recognize our multicultural diversity.
  • Recognize our native wildlife, flora, fauna, or natural features.

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You'll be asked to include:

  • The name you're proposing.
  • The preferred location or community where you'd like to see the name used.
  • Any background information about why this would be a good name to use.

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Send in your suggestion

Send the name you're proposing to the City Archivist by mail or email.

If you're having a problem with the form, call 3-1-1, and they can fill it out and send it for you.

City Archivist contact information

City Archivist
453 West 12th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5Y 1V4


Naming City-owned assets

How City assets are named

How you can get involved with naming facilities, streets, and more in Vancouver.

Criteria for names on the Name Reserve List

Find out what kinds of names will be considered for naming City-owned assets.

View names on the Reserve List

See the list of names that have been suggested and approved.

Suggest a name

Propose a name that honours people, places, events, and things related to the city of Vancouver.