VanPlay: Inventory and analysis cover page

VanPlay: Inventory and Analysis

This report provides an overview of the current state of the parks and recreation system. It aims to provide an introduction to our assets, programs, and operations.

This inventory and analysis provides the groundwork for the future goals, actions, and strategies outlined in the remainder of the master plan's components.


Introduction (22.26 MB)

Provides an introduction to parks and recreation in Vancouver including history, trends, and planning context

Parks (20.64 MB)

Assesses our inventory of parks, including arts and cultural experiences, horticulture, and community gardens

Recreation (6.99 MB)

Focuses on the activities that happen in parks, including outdoor sport, art, and play amenities

Facilities (6.92 MB)

Focuses on the recreational, social, and cultural services provided by built spaces

Nature (15.63 MB)

Explores how to strengthen natural areas of ecological importance, expand wildlife habitat, and better connect residents with nature

VanPlay Smart City Talks series

By City of Vancouver


  • VanPlay Smart City Talks series

    By City of Vancouver

    The VanPlay Smart City Talks series brought together some of the world’s leading thinkers on public space and urban issues to engage in a dialogue with Vancouver residents.

  • Community + Vision

    By City of Vancouver

    As the first lecture of our series, we opened the floor to some of Vancouver's thinkers on the theme of community and vision. Watch this talk

  • Space + Equity

    By City of Vancouver

    Our second lecture of this series looked into spatial distribution, access, and equity dimensions of parks and public spaces with two speakers and a moderated Q&A. Watch this talk

  • Ecology + Nature

    By City of Vancouver

    In the third lecture of this series, we explored the ecological and environmental sustainability dimensions of parks and public spaces in urban environments with two leading experts and a moderated Q&A. Watch this talk

  • Celebration + Diversity

    By City of Vancouver

    In the fourth lecture of this series, we looked into the role of parks and public spaces in providing spaces and opportunities for celebration, collective or individual sense of joy, inclusion, and diversity. There was an opening lecture and a keynote lecture, followed by a moderated Q&A with three dynamic women. Watch this talk

  • Resilience + Wellbeing

    By City of Vancouver

    In the fifth and final lecture of this series, we brought five renowned speakers together in a panel format to explore the ways our parks and public space system created resilience and wellbeing in our communities. Panelists presentded their topics, followed by a moderated discussion with the audience. Watch this talk

About Vancouver's Playbook

By City of Vancouver

Through the VanPlay process, we’ll arrive at a strategy to guide our parks and recreation system over the next 25 years! We’re focusing on these six key themes to get the conversation started:

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