10 Goals to Shape the Next 25 Years cover page

10 Goals to Shape the Next 25 Years

This document sets out 10 unique goals intended to guide provision of more equitable, accessible, inclusive, and resilient parks and recreation over the next 25 years.

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The goals were developed through Park Board Commissioner, public, partner, staff, and stakeholder input and research into best practices and precedents from around the world. 

We believe that this renewed focus will improve parks and recreation and enrich the beauty and livability of Vancouver. 

The draft goals where verified in May and June 2018 through the Park Board commissioner, staff, and community consultation. 

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By City of Vancouver

The stage is set for the Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

  • Goal 1

    By City of Vancouver

    Grow and renew parks, community centres, and recreation assets to keep pace with population growth and evolving needs

  • Goal 2

    By City of Vancouver

    Protect existing parks and recreation spaces from loss, encroachment, and densification

  • Goal 3

    By City of Vancouver

    Prioritize the delivery of resources to where they are needed most

  • Goal 4

    By City of Vancouver

    Focus on core responsibilities of the Park Board, and be a supportive ally to partners

  • Goal 5

    By City of Vancouver

    Adapt our parks and recreation amenities to a changing climate

  • Goal 6

    By City of Vancouver

    Create a green network that will connect our parks, waterfront, and recreation areas

  • Goal 7

    By City of Vancouver

    Restore Vancouver's wild spaces and vital biodiversity

  • Goal 8

    By City of Vancouver

    Foster a system of parks and recreation spaces that are safe and welcoming to all

  • Goal 9

    By City of Vancouver

    Seek truth as a foundation and reconciliation with Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations

  • Goal 10

    By City of Vancouver

    Secure adequate and ongoing funding for the repair, renewal, and replacement of our aging parks and recreation system

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