Past updates about the Union-Adanac Corridor

Gore Avenue to Kamloops Street (2017)

January – February 2017

We held two open houses on January 21 and 23 for you to learn about the recommended designs, ask questions, and provide feedback. We also conducted an online questionnaire from January 20 to February 8 to hear what you thought about the recommended designs. Thank you to everyone who participated. 

Open house information displays:

Renfrew and Adanac intersection (2015 – 2016)

June 2016

We completed improvements to the intersection.

July 2015

We held a public open house to share the recommended design for the intersection of Renfrew and Adanac Streets. The recommended design includes:

  1. A new traffic signal and reconstructed concrete median on Renfrew Street to provide a safe and comfortable crossing for people walking and cycling
  2. Addition of parking on Renfrew Street with the construction of a narrower median
  3. Reconstruction of pedestrian curb ramps to meet current standards and improve the crossing for people with visual impairments and people using mobility aids or pushing strollers

Open house information displays PDF file (3 MB)

Carrall Street to Gore Avenue (2012 – 2013)

July – September 2013

We built the improvements after informing local stakeholders.

July 2013

We met with stakeholders and businesses to develop an inclusive consultation process to discuss the potential transportation changes on Union Street from Main Street to Princess Avenue. We considered traffic calming measures to restrict the number of cars and trucks on Union Street. We reported back to Council with an update on consultation efforts.

Consultation summary (April 11 – June 7) PDF file (400 KB)

June 2013

City Council approved the recommended design on June 12 after hearing from the public. The recommended design includes:

  1. A westbound separated bike lane on the 200-block of Union Street with turn restrictions at the laneway between Main Street and Gore Avenue
  2. A full vehicle closure of Union Street west of Main Street
  3. Separated bike lanes on Union/Expo Boulevard from Main Street to Carrall Street and on Quebec Street from Union Street to Pacific Avenue
  4. The loss of 20 parking spaces on 200 Union (39 existing) and the addition of approximately 50 parking spaces on Main Street

City Council directed staff to postpone consideration of the eastbound barrier at Gore Avenue and Union Street pending further consultation.

May – June 2013

We refined the design based on data, policy, public feedback, technical and financial considerations. We recommended building the design with temporary materials to minimize project costs, since removing the Georgia and Dunsmuir viaducts was uncertain.

May 2013

We presented the design to the public, stakeholders, and businesses at two open houses, and asked for your feedback in an online questionnaire.

Open house information displays PDF file (11 MB)

August 2012 – April 2013

We collected data, reviewed the road network, and met with Vancouver Fire and Rescue, BC Hydro, Translink, BC Trucking Association, and businesses along the route. We then developed a design that aligns to project goals and City policies, and balances technical and financial considerations.