Mount Pleasant Implementation Committee

On November 18, 2010, Vancouver City Council approved the Mount Pleasant Community Plan. The Community Plan included provisions for consultation and engagement with the local community, which led to the establishment of the Mount Pleasant Implementation Committee (MPIC). The MPIC was pilot approach for how the City engages neighbourhoods on creating and carrying out policy.

On October 23, 2013, City Council approved the Mount Pleasant Community Plan Implementation Package that included staff recommendations based on experience from the MPIC pilot.

The report recommended that Mount Pleasant community members are welcome to continue with an MPIC as a self-coordinated group and be recognized by City staff as key stakeholders.

Join the Mount Pleasant implementation network

The Implementation Package also recommended that anyone interested in the Mount Pleasant community become part of a comprehensive Mount Pleasant implementation network – a contact list compiled through planning and implementation work, and open to new members. The network will be a first point of contact for staff and applicant teams looking for input from the community.

To join the implementation network, complete the sign-up form on this page.

MPIC is comprised of Mount Pleasant residents, businesses, and service providers.

Members reflect interests including:

  • Renters
  • Seniors
  • Development
  • Public realm community projects
  • Arts
  • Mount Pleasant Business Improvement Area
  • Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House
  • Great Northern Way Campus

2013 meetings and notes

Meeting date  Notes 
January 10 Notes  (64 KB)
February 12   Notes  (84 KB)
March 14 Notes  (853 KB)
April 11  Notes  (263 KB)
May 2 Notes  (2 MB)

June 6

Notes  (247 KB)

333 East 11th Avenue presentation  (1.8 MB)

July 11  Notes  (78 KB) 
August 8  Notes  (169 KB)
September 12  Notes  (66 KB)

2012 meetings and notes

Meeting date Notes
July 25  Notes  (245 KB)
August 29  Notes  (453 KB)
September 26  Notes  (163 KB)
October 11  Notes  (93 KB)
November 8  Notes  (147 KB)
December 13  Notes  (71 KB)

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