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Citywide Utilities Development Cost Levy

A new Citywide Utilities DCL was approved by Council on July 11, 2018, to address the need for upgraded water, sewer, and drainage infrastructure as the city continues to grow.

The new Citywide Utilities DCL applies to new developments on a square foot basis and is in addition to the Citywide DCL.

New rates became effective on September 30, 2018.

The Vancouver Charter provides protection to in-stream applications (building permit, development permit, and rezoning applications) that result in building permit issuance within one year of bylaw adoption. To review the Utilities DCL rates, see the DCL bulletin  (899 KB).

 Project list is currently being updated.

Vancouver's growth over time 

Over the next 25 years, Vancouver's population and jobs are expected to grow by 132,000 and 81,000, respectively.

A growing city creates demand for additional housing, transit, amenities, and green space. The City undertakes careful, long-term planning for the costs associated with this growth. 

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Community Benefits from Development

Learn about the community benefits that come with new development in our neighbourhoods.

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