Person running on the seawall

Connectivity of parks and recreation experiences

The connectivity bold move centres on a big idea to interconnect parks, public spaces, and recreational nodes across the City through new amenities and routes.

Citywide parks and recreation network

This supporting tool envisions vibrant, healthy communities, and ecologies by encouraging connection and integration. The network will create places to play, exercise, and socialize while providing pathways for the movement of urban wildlife, and rainwater; and creating beautiful and direct and intuitive connections for pedestrians and cyclists of all ages and abilities.

This graphic presents a concept of a city-wide parks, recreation, and nature network. This map is purely illustrative, meant to inspire ideas, collaboration, and problem solving. Implementation will be determined on a case-by-case basis, in collaboration with transit, active transportation, planning, and Park Board staff.

Guiding principles

Vibrant, active communities (52.58 KB)

Better connectivity helps create active, healthy, social communities with a high quality of life.

Flow of water (56.86 KB)

The health and wellbeing of the city and its residents are closely linked to the water that surrounds us.

Sense of place (56.50 KB)

Our network of parks and recreation opportunities showcase cultural and ecological character, and celebrates the diversity of our thriving city.

Thriving ecosystems (58.35 KB)

Weaving with parks and recreation provides an essential ecological backbone for the city as it grows and densifies.