People at a skate park

Parks and recreation asset needs

The asset needs bold move articulates needs relating to Park Board spaces, facilities, and amenities. It describes management, development, and renewal needs and sets targets to measure progress over time.

The asset targets described in this Bold Move consider the quantity, quality, capacity, and distribution of parks, natural areas, outdoor recreation amenities, and facilities in the City of Vancouver, managed in some respect by the Park Board.

By articulating parks and recreation asset needs more clearly the Park Board is better positioned to advocate for both filling current deficits and meeting needs due to population growth.

Each asset target recommends actions for to supply, distribution, and renewal of each type. The associated 2040 target, recommendations, and other considerations respond to current state, trends, and projected supply in 2040.

Action sports (372.78 KB)

Increase the quantity of skate parks, as well as to increase the quality and diversity of design.

Aquatics (52.02 KB)

Deliver a wide range of accessible aquatic experiences that support Vancouver as a highly-liveable, world-leading coastal city.

Ball diamonds (43.67 KB)

Renew the inventory to improve the quality and capacity of existing ball diamonds.

Community centres (98.07 KB)

Identify order priority for the renewal an average of two existing community centres per capital plan.

Court sports (285.06 KB)

Improve the quality of tennis courts and basketball courts and to increase the number of volleyball, pickleball, and multisport courts.

Field sports (58.29 KB)

Improve quality to accommodate increasing demand, especially for tournament hosting.

Fitness centres and outdoor exercise equipment (97.01 KB)

Increase the citywide average size of fitness centres and focus on provision of welcoming, accessible, and barrier-free fitness.

Indoor dry-floor sports (146.58 KB)

Increase access to food and a wider variety of affordable food options at or near parks and community centres.

Local food (354.02 KB)

Increase access to food and a wider variety of affordable food options at or near parks and community centres.

Natural areas (52.82 KB)

Increase the diversity of landscapes in parks to better support local biodiversity and offer more diverse experiences in nature.

Parks (68.66 KB)

Employ creative solutions in order to continue to supply park space to meet the needs of all Vancouverites.

Play areas (272.86 KB)

Improve quality and capacity by implementing faster renewal timelines and improving accessibility.

Rinks (285.33 KB)

Increase capacity and function through renewals, increasing seating capacity, building new rinks, reviewing scheduling, and season length.

Spray parks (319.01 KB)

Provide equitable access to new and varied water play experiences in parks and plazas across the city.

Track and field (159.46 KB)

Provide a balanced distribution of practical, flexible, adaptable, multifunctional, and low maintenance tracks and field facilities.

Trails and paths (113.25 KB)

Provide accessible, safe routes for people to walk, roll, run, and cycle within the parks system.

Washrooms (295.61 KB)

Prioritize upgrades of existing washrooms and adding washrooms at key locations where people stay for a few hours.