A pond with foliage and ducks

East Park and Creekside Park (south)

The Vancouver Park Board is planning to build a new park in the Olympic Village and renew Creekside Park (south).

Unofficially named East Park, this 1.2 hectare parcel of new park land is located east of the Creekside Community Centre, between the Southeast False Creek seawall and E 1st Ave at Ontario St.

The 1.2 hectare area of Creekside Park (south) to be renewed is located south of Science World, including the seawall to the Ontario St greenway.

The Park Board will hire a landscape architecture firm to facilitate community engagement and prepare a conceptual park design for East Park and Creekside Park (south).

The parks will:

  • Provide inclusive and diverse opportunities for passive and active recreation
  • Enhance biodiversity, urban wildlife habitat, and access to nature
  • Ensure marine and terrestrial ecological restoration
  • Complete connections to False Creek, nearby parks, community amenities, and the network of adjacent walking and cycling routes in the surrounding neighbourhoods.


Here are our planned steps.

  • Fall 2019

    Build a temporary walking path from Switchmen St to Creekside Community Centre

  • Spring 2020

    Open houses to hear conceptual design ideas and community values

  • Fall 2020

    Open houses to display park concept plans and invite your feedback

  • 2021

    Prepare construction drawings and specifications for tender, based on the Park Board approved concept plan

  • 2022

    East Park construction

Project team

Debra Barnes
Landscape Architect