A blue heron fishing at Hinge Park with lush shoreline vegetation, BC Place and Downtown Vancouver in the background

Parks in the Northeast False Creek Plan

Northeast False Creek will have a major waterfront park and new open spaces designed for daily life, which will transform at times to welcome major gatherings and special events.

The new park will:

  • Be authentically Vancouver and reflect our city’s rich heritage
  • Include saltmarsh and habitat for urban wildlife
  • Provide enhanced access to the water
  • Connect new and existing communities to the downtown and False Creek
  • Complete the series of public spaces along the waterfront
  • Revitalize Andy Livingstone and Creekside parks
  • Reconnect the seawall as a continuous loop

Two processes underway: policy and design

To create this vision, we're:

  1. Drafting the policies that will guide the design of future parks and open spaces in Northeast False Creek
  2. Refining the concept park design that will bring the Northeast False Creek Plan policies to life, and responding to input from the public and stakeholders

Park planning policy

Planning policies for the parks and open spaces in Northeast False Creek.

Park design

Learn about the park design and extended engagement with local First Nations and other area stakeholders.

Andy Livingstone Park changes

To offset the proposed encroachment of Pacific Blvd into Andy Livingstone Park, we propose to convert Carrall St (Expo Blvd to Keefer St) into park.