Tents along Carrall Street during the Northeast False Creek Area Plan Block Party event

Get involved and provide feedback about Northeast False Creek

From September 2016 to January 2018, thousands of residents participated in and gave feedback about the Northeast False Creek Plan. Based on what we heard, we refined the plan and incorporated elements you told us were a priority.

City Council approved the plan, however, planning in Northeast False Creek doesn't stop here. We'll continue to work with residents to complete an implementation report to continue work on the replacement street network, park design, public art plan, and public space framework. Check back here for next steps.

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Project timeline

Here is our process and anticipated milestones.

  • Summer 2016

    Phase 1: Background study

    • What we did: Reviewed previous plans, reports, and related policies, and formed the Northeast False Creek (NEFC) Stewardship and Park Design advisory groups
    • What we created: Project community engagement strategy, timeline, website, and materials
  • Fall 2016 and winter 2017

    Phase 2: Emerging area plan directions

    • What we did: Launched a public consultation process, identified ideas, interests, and opportunities in the planning area, and prepared emerging area plan directions
    • Who we consulted with: The public, NEFC Stewardship Group, Park Design Advisory Committee, other civic advisory committees, and an expert panel
    • What we created based on feedback: Area plan emerging directions informed by community values, City priorities, and landowner objectives
  • Spring and summer 2017

    Phase 3: Draft area plan

    • What we did: Drafted the area plan, including street and park designs
    • Who we consulted with: The public, NEFC Stewardship Group, Park Design Advisory Group, other civic advisory committees
    • What we created based on feedback: Refined Area Plan informed by what we heard, City priorities, and landowner objectives
  • Fall 2017 and winter 2018

    Phase 4: Refined area plan review

    • What we did: Presented the plan to City Council to consider and approve in January 2018
    • Who we consulted with: The public and stakeholders
    • What we created based on feedback: Final area plan package
  • 2018

    Work with residents to complete an implementation report to continue work on the replacement street network, park design, public art plan, and public space framework

  • We are here
  • Future

    Build the new street network, present the park design to the Park Board to consider and approve, and present the development site rezoning applications to City Council to consider and approve

What we heard during our Phase 3 consultation

people went to topic-specific workshops
people went to the block party and roadshows
responses to our online consultation


There was a strong focus on the density and overall design of the area, incorporation of parks, plazas, and green space, and the preservation of views to the water, mountains, and BC Place stadium. Additional topics included honoring the rich history of the area, enduring the right balance of community amenities, as well as ensuring opportunities for local and small-scale business.

Housing and liveability

There was an overwhelming interest in the provision of social housing with a focus on seniors, families, and those in core need. This was followed by general concerns around affordability, neighbourhood amenities including childcare, schools, and recreation opportunities, and a focus on family and artist housing.


Respondents were concerned with how people will move to and through the Northeast False Creek area by vehicle, bicycle, and on foot. There was also concern around the phasing of the viaduct removal including construction impacts and timing. There was also focus on bicycle infrastructure, public transit and the design of Pacific Blvd.


This related to how users will experience the neighbourhood – with a focus on event and performance space, recreation space, community gardens, and public gathering spaces.


There were many comments offering suggestions on how to make Northeast False Creek the most sustainable neighbourhood in the city, including: using solar glass on buildings, increased certification standards, sustainable transportation models, and planning for sea level rise and climate change.

Access and inclusion

Respondents wanted to ensure that Northeast False Creek and the new public spaces were welcoming to all, including the most vulnerable members of the community. There is a strong desire to see lively, programmable public spaces, and access to local, healthy, affordable food.

Past events and outreach

Date Event Documents

September 2019

Dunsmuir Connection Survey


Survey results summary (2 MB)

July 2019

Northeast False Creek Civic Centre

Community workshop summary (950 KB)

Documents and studies

View the policies, strategies, studies, and public feedback that have shaped Northeast False Creek.

Meet our community committees

Stewardship Group

Park Design Advisory Group

Our guiding principles

The guiding principles are based on feedback from the public, stakeholder groups, and technical analysis. City Council approved the principles on June 25, 2013, and they outline the key opportunities to create a neighbourhood in Northeast False Creek by removing the viaducts.

  1. Reconnect the historic communities and the False Creek waterfront.
  2. Expand parks and open space.
  3. Repair the urban fabric.
  4. Explore housing development and place-making opportunities on the City blocks.
  5. Create a vibrant waterfront district.
  6. Increase efficiency of the street network.
  7. Improve connectivity between Downtown, Northeast False Creek, and the waterfront.
  8. Enhanced pedestrian and cyclist movement.
  9. Develop a fiscally responsible approach.
  10. Engage residents and stakeholders in a meaningful way.
  11. Strengthen the festival and entertainment function of the area.