Make a development permit enquiry

Starting January 1, 2024, a new development permit (DP) enquiry service will be in effect.

This development permit (DP) enquiry service provides potential applicants with early feedback and guidance on proposals to help make a complete and successful development permit application submission.

Staff will help you identify:

  • High-level design and technical challenges and provide advice and direction on form of development, variances, relaxations, and areas of discretion within City zoning and development regulations
  • Input from other key departmental review groups

The objective is to support project readiness and certainty in advance of submission of a development permit application.

Review the Development Advice (Enquiry) Checklist (160 KB) and attach your documents.

The development permit enquiry fee corresponds to 5% of the standard development permit application fee under Schedule 1 (Section 20) of the Fee Schedule (1 MB). The fee covers the costs of reviewing drawings and providing comments. For more information, refer to 2024 Fee Increases report (1.5 MB), approved by Council October 3, 2023.

All questions are required unless marked optional.